Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will a “lack of storms” prohibit me from operating a multi-million dollar roofing company focused on damage?

A. In the last 10 years, Best Choice Roofing has produced over a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue, not chasing a single storm! We’ve built a tremendous business by establishing local brick-and-mortar offices. Many people in the retail residential roofing business think that a “storm” is solely defined as large hail or very powerful windstorms. That thought just isn’t true. A roof may sustain a lot of damage and become comprised all from a 25-30 MPH wind gust.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. Cost is a major factor when deciding to purchase a franchise. At BCR we offer a competitive fee structure and other financial incentives. One owner thriving with the brand is Zach Herron. Zach owns and operates three locations with plans to develop a fourth in 2020. “You have a terrific ROI.” “The number one reason for my success is the BCR system.”


Q. What if I don’t know anything about roofing?

A. Whether you are an existing roofing company looking to expand, a veteran roofer looking to go into business for themselves or an entrepreneur looking for an exciting and profitable new business venture. BCR has the tools and resources to make your goals a reality. We’ve produced millions of dollars in revenue in dozens of markets with this business model, and are excited to show you how to do the exact same thing!