Our Team

Mr. Wayne Holloway

Founder and President

As the Founder of the Best Choice Roofing brand, Holloway has been able to generate over $200,000,000 in residential roofing. He has solely directed the Best Choice Roofing brand and has been responsible for dozens of successful branches. He not only has grown the brand, but has developed hundreds of people over the 10 years he has represented the brand. He has helped develop individuals into high volume producers, successful managers and business owners.
Holloway has partnered with other individuals to establish other successful companies, representing the Best Choice brand under a Licensing Agreement. In addition to the Best Choice brand, Holloway owns a restaurant, a wedding venue, call center and several companies formed primarily to own and manage real estate, real estate complexes, apartment complexes and commercial space.
Mr. Holloway is responsible for training you and your staff how to hire, train, motivate and retain a sales staff, in addition to providing all insight you will need as you scale your business.

Mr. Wade Miller

Financial Director

For a majority of the years the Best Choice brand has been in operation, Miller has directed the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables department. In addition to those functions, he oversees all of the other financial services actions of the Best Choice brand and Affiliates. He is responsible for the accounting functions for over a dozen companies. He is tasked with training franchisee owners on the accounting functions necessary to successfully run your business.

Ms. Terri Hall

Accounts Receivables

Hall has been with the Best Choice brand for over 7 years. Her primary function is to oversee Accounts Receivables. She is responsible for the training of Franchisees Office Administrator.

Mr. Michael Hutchins

Director of Franchising

Michael Hutchins is a 20 year franchising professional with both domestic and international franchise sales experience.

Michael has held senior leadership roles within Hilton Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, Carlson Hotels, Vantage Hotels, Realogy Corporation and Daekyo International.
His vast franchise experience within multiple industries has enabled him to educate and serve many individuals and partnerships as they transition into becoming successful and satisfied franchise owners.

He will be responsible for training you and your staff to be in compliance at all times with the manual(s) provided by us.

Ms. Ashley Ruimfeld

Director of Human Resources

Ms. Ruimveld has worked with the Best Choice brand for a year and has completely transitioned the company from a 1099 employer to a W2 employer. She has implemented new HR guidelines, understands multiple state labor laws and policies, submits payroll, and tracks over 400+ employees at any given time within the company. She also works alongside the owner and the company attorneys to ensure the company stays in compliance as laws and policies change.

Mr. Jessup Warnock

Director of Marketing

Jessup Warnock came to Best Choice Roofing in July of 2019 with 17 years of marketing experience. He has worked with brands like ABC News, Disney, Pepsi, and Owens Corning. His focus is building on BCR’s already powerful brand. He has made significant changes to our Marketing Strategy to make sure we stay ahead of the trends. His theory is, peoples purchasing habits have changed drastically in the past few years…but WHY people purchase, has stayed the same. Understanding WHY people choose your company is the most important part of building a rock sold brand. Brands that combine a solid understanding of WHY, with a relevant sales & marketing strategy, WIN!