The support my staff and I received from Best Choice Roofing made starting my own company simple. Support received from the corporate staff and the employees across the nation is impressive. Anytime I run into a hurdle, there is someone I can talk to that has been through it, that can help me rise above it.

Emory Brooks

Washington DC & Philadelphia PA

BCR has given me the ability to become financially free. The support I receive allows me to focus on growing my business, not maintaining my business. It’s the best decision I have ever made.  I plan on opening up two more locations in 2020.

Daryl Draper

Memphis TN & Bowling Green KY


Before Best Choice Roofing I was making a decent living working my butt off, making other people rich. Now, I’m able to live a life better than I could have ever imagined. I am finally  giving my children the life they deserve.

Eric Fuery

Indianapolis IN & Louisville KY

Best Choice Roofing made my dream of owning a business a reality. Day one, I had everything I needed to hit the ground running. It truly changed my life.

Zach Herron

Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, & Macon GA